The real estate company Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield currently operates a total of 27 shopping centers in Germany. In addition to center and facility management and leasing, successful asset management for investors and partners is a key business focus. The focus is particularly on modern shopping destinations with an exceptionally high quality of stay. The Group’s portfolio also includes the shopping world of the Höfe am Brühl, one of the most attractive shopping destinations in the heart of the city of Leipzig.  On 44,000 square metres, visitors will find more than 130 shops on three levels – including well-known and international brands from the fashion, beauty, electronics, leisure and home accessories sectors. The varied gastronomic offer invites visitors to enjoy, linger and relax. Every evening on the roof of the Höfe am Brühl the famous Goethe quote “Mein Leipzig lob’ ich mir” and the greeting “Welcome to Leipzig” are illuminated.

Media Relations, Crisis Communication and Social Media

pioneer communications is supporting the Höfe am Brühl shopping center of Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield Germany GmbH since 2016 in the areas of press and media relations as well as crisis communication. The agency takes over important tasks, such as relation building with journalists and other relevant stakeholders, the creation of press releases and their distribution. In addition, we support Höfe am Brühl in the conception and implementation of social media and influencer campaigns from time to time.

To a similar extent, pioneer communications also supports other shopping centres of Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield Germany GmbH, e.g. the Paunsdorf Center Leipzig and the Gera Arcaden.



Establishment of Höfe am Brühl as an important meeting place in Leipzig’s city centre and a destination that offers more than just shopping. Increasing the attention for events and the regional commitment of Höfe am Brühl by establishing long-term relationships with regional journalists.


The mix of measures is mainly composed of tools of classical press and media work. As part of our work, we regularly inform regional print, online and radio media as well as city magazines about all the events and activities happening at Höfe am Brühl. We rely on strong communication messages to highlight the company’s USPs. We maintain close contacts with regional journalists and, depending on the size of the topic, also rely press events on-site. To support press work and strengthen our own channels, we also set accents from time to time by cooperating with regional influencers.


At the beginning of each year we agree on a target PR value and other communication goals. These are stored in our project structure plan. We continuously compare where we stand in the achievement of objectives. For this purpose, we monitor the reporting and compile it for Höfe am Brühl in regular media response analyses.

Results from 2019


568 articles in print and online media


Over 6.12 million Euro advertisement equivalent value


145 Mio. Reach

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