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Ensuring an inclusive education system in Saxony is a focal point of education policy development in the coming years. As Saxony’s highest school supervisory authority, the Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs is responsible for the gradual implementation of inclusion.

Content and video production, production of information and communication materials of all kinds

Since 2017, pioneer communications has been supporting the SMK in target-group-oriented communication. Among other things, explanatory videos were developed and produced for this purpose. They convey complicated interrelationships vividly and increase understanding with their pictorial appeal. Messages can be conveyed in a charming way and the public perception of the SMK as an expert and first contact in the field of inclusion can be expanded.


Inclusion should be understood by all participants as a challenge for the future to be mastered together. Teachers, in particular, have a great need for information and support when teaching inclusive classes, as they are not prepared at all or only inadequately for this during their training. In addition, there is often a lack of supportive specialist pedagogical staff – lateral entrants aggravate the problem. The clear goal of the latest explanatory video: To impart knowledge about the field of pedagogical diagnostics as a core task of all teachers and to distinguish it from special pedagogical diagnostics as well as to make known handouts for the “promotion of emotional and social development”.


With the challenge of inclusion, pedagogical diagnostics must be raised to a professional level. The aim is to diagnose fewer pupils with special educational needs and to catch the majority of pupils beforehand and lead them to a good school leaving certificate. An explanatory video will highlight the importance of pedagogical diagnostics, the difficulties encountered by teachers and the tools used by teaching staff. In a joint consultation session, the messages and key messages of the explanatory video were discussed and defined and the goals defined. A storyboard with storyline, scenes and speaker text was then developed according to the client’s specifications and wishes. The video was drawn and animated completely in-house in the style of graphic recording and set to music with the help of a professional speaker.

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