PAYBACK is one of the world’s leading bonus programmes and is used by over 29 million customers in Germany. Over 650 companies offer points for shopping, which can be redeemed for vouchers, bonuses or Lufthansa miles or donated to aid projects. Since 2010, PAYBACK has launched a new app that combines mobile coupon activation, point collecting and payment for the first time. The app links offline with online retailing and has already been downloaded over 11 million times.

Trade fair organisation and speaker placement

Since 2011, pioneer communications has been supporting PAYBACK’s corporate communications and, among other things, is placing speakers at relevant trade fairs and specialist conferences in the B2B sector. pioneer communications is organising the annual trade fair appearance at dmexco – one of the most important meeting places for the global digital economy.


pioneer communications places PAYBACK company representatives at trade fairs and specialist conferences as leading experts in the fields of e-commerce and digitisation of the point of sale. The speaker appearances serve as a further opportunity for exchange and networking between PAYBACK and its B2B reference groups. By means of accompanying communication before, during and after the event, we generate reach and attention for all PAYBACK topics.


pioneer communications is responsible for all necessary process steps in the organisation and execution of speaker placements. This includes the research of suitable events, the entire communication with the organizer and the support of the speakers in organizational questions. Furthermore, pioneer communications is responsible for preparing the presentations for the respective speakers and providing on-site support. Before, during and after the event, pioneer communications takes care of all accompanying communication measures such as answering interview requests and social media support. To further develop and continuously improve its rhetorical skills, pioneer communications conducts speaker training several times a year.

By appearing at trade fairs and specialist conferences, PAYBACK primarily reaches B2B customers. Among the most important reference groups are marketing decision-makers from companies in sectors such as FMCG, automotive, tourism and electronics. pioneer communications has developed its own storylines for its presentations – such as “Tante Emma 2.0” – and focuses on PAYBACK’s core competences in an eye-catching and highly recognisable way.



The follow-up of all speaker placements and trade fair appearances is one of the tasks of pioneer communications. Only through continuous reporting can the quality of the presentations be optimised. We collect feedback from the speakers as well as from the organizers and visitors of a conference and implement improvement measures in regular speaker training sessions. On the basis of the evaluation, pioneer communications compiles the planned speaker appearances for the following year. In addition, we evaluate the development of social media channels on a quarterly basis using various evaluation measures and tools.

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