Mobike is the world’s largest and first bike sharing provider with a smart lock system. The company makes its strikingly designed rental bikes available in over 200 cities in more than 15 countries worldwide. Users can use the free app on their mobile device to unlock the bikes by QR code on the bike. At the end of use, the bicycles can be parked and locked dockless within defined return zones.

PR and Media Relations

pioneer communications has been in charge of PR and media relations for Mobike since January 2018 in the PR and media relations field. This includes writing press releases, active media pitching and strategic consulting for Mobike’s expansion strategy in Germany. At the beginning of the cooperation, the focus was on crisis communication in order to rehabilitate the existing negative media image about Mobike.


The mission of pioneer communications is to build a good reputation for the bike sharing provider. At the same time, pioneer communications should position Mobike as a pioneer for dockless bike sharing and establish an open exchange with the media. The exchange with the media creates a positive basis for Mobike’s expansion into other German cities, as the company shows transparency and stands ready to answer questions from media representatives.


To start the cooperation, pioneer communications developed a communication strategy for Mobike. An essential part of the strategy was to seek dialogue with media representatives who are critical of Mobike and proactively approach all key media. The aim was to position Mobike’s German boss as the company’s face and expert on the subject of sustainable mobility and bike sharing. A further task in the media work with Mobike is to accompany the company at city launches in Germany. pioneer communications contacts the regional media before each launch and offers exclusive interviews and background talks with Mobike to create a positive basis for the starts. On a local political level, pioneer communications also supports Mobike and proactively approaches political representatives to discuss the transport policy development of German cities.


Already in the first six months of cooperation, pioneer communications has agreed over 50 media interviews for Mobike. The talks with the media representatives have created trust and set Mobike apart from the competition as a transparent bike sharing provider. Thanks to pioneer communications’ active media work, media coverage of Mobike and bike sharing has changed from a critical-negative to a positive tone. Further pioneer communications organized discussions with several local politicians and large traffic federations, in order to put the basis for possible co-operation with Mobike.

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