Ball Corporation

Ball Corporation develops innovative, sustainable aluminum packaging solutions for producers of beverage, personal care and household products, as well as aerospace and other technologies and services primarily for the U.S. government.

Ball Corporation and its subsidiaries employ 17,500 people worldwide and reported 2018 net sales of $11.6 billion.

Ball Corporation – Product PR and performance marketing for innovative aluminium packaging

In 2019 pioneer communications supported Ball Corporation for the first time with the launch of the innovative aerosol can “360°”. With targeted, international media relations and subsequent performance marketing measures, we ensured long-term attention from the target group. In 2020, a further assignment followed in which we supported the product launch of the new “InfinityTM” aluminium bottle regarding press relations.



The aim of our work is to raise awareness of Ball Corporation’s innovative products among the relevant target groups in Germany, France and UK, generate leads for the sales team and thus increase sales of the products. To achieve this, we relied on media as multipliers, organized interviews with company spokespersons and created targeted follow-up communication via performance marketing measures in LinkedIn, Google search/display and YouTube.



In preparation for PR activities, we have compiled an extensive media list with relevant journalist contacts from our network. As the launched products not only offer innovative design possibilities but also aluminium as a packaging material has excellent recycling properties, we have identified marketing and sustainability media as relevant multipliers in addition to the classic manufacturer’s specialist media. We have contacted the target media directly via personal phone calls to pitch interviews with Ball Corporation experts. We prepared media briefings for the interviews and the speakers received a media training in preparation. We were also responsible for the localization of the press material for Germany, France and the UK as well as its distribution.
In the area of performance marketing, we coordinated the creation of the various ads and banner formats and distributed ads via Google search/display as well as YouTube bumper ads. These ads were extended by sponsored content, which was distributed via LinkedIn.



At the end of the project, Ball Corporation was provided with a comprehensive reporting. With the media work around the aerosol can “360°” we achieved more than 50 press clippings around the product launch in the target countries Germany, France and Great Britain. We were able to increase this success with our PR activities for the launch of the “InfinityTM” aluminium bottle in 2020: In only two weeks we achieved more than 70 press clippings.

Using Google Ads, we quickly directed 5,500 persons of a professional audience to the “360°” product landing page. With the sponsored content created for LinkedIn, we were also able to lead another 500 interested parties to the website.

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